Fall Pallet Sign

Fall is finally in the air and the leaves are beginning to change ever slightly. This calls for only one thing…more fall decor. What better to fill my house with than a rustic pallet sign? This was my first time making a pallet sign and I fell in love. I will definitely be making another sign soon. I have already been scoping out more pallet wood.

If you are interested in making a pallet sign too, now is the time!


  1. Honestly, the hardest part for me was finding a good, clean pallet that I could use for this sign. I happened to get lucky one day when we drove past a dumpster near our neighborhood that had a stack of pallets laying outside. I immediately made my husband stop the car and grab as many pallets as we could fit into our tiny car. So your first job…go find some pallet wood.
  2. Once you have disassembled the pallet wood (shout out to my hubby for doing this part), figure out what size you would like your finished sign to be. My sign completed sign was 18” wide x 15” tall. Measure and cut each board according to those measurements. You will also need to cut supporting boards to hold the sign together. If you have any smaller boards from the pallet, this would be a great use for them. My supporting boards measured 2.5” wide x 14.5” tall.1-cut-boards
  3.  Sand all your boards so they are smooth and all the splinters are removed. Although this isn’t the most fun step of the project, consider it your arm workout! Once you have finished sanding, take a damp cloth and wipe off all of the sawdust so you are left with clean boards.2-sand-boards
  4. Decide if you want to stain or paint your pallet. I decided to stain my boards using Minwax Wood Finish. I feel like the stain gives the sign a nice look for fall. But, if stain isn’t your thing, you could easily substitute the stain for some paint. If you are staining, take an old white t-shirt or rag and dip a small part of it into the stain. Once you have applied the stain to the board, take a different rag and wipe off the stain you just applied. This ensures that you will not end up with too much stain that will take days to dry. Continue with this process until you achieve your desired color. The more stain you add, the darker your boards will become.3-stain-boards
  5. Once your stain is completely dry (I would allow your boards to dry at least a full 24 hours), you can begin to assemble your sign. You’ll need to buy flat-head wood screws depending on the depth of your pallet boards. To find the correct screw length, measure the front boards and the supporting boards. You will want the screw to go all the way through the supporting boards and halfway through the front boards. My screws were ¾” and were the perfect depth. Go ahead and drill your screws in a way that best supports your boards. Because pallet boards are not always perfectly flat, you might have to drill your screws in randomly, so they will hold the front boards. As you can see from the picture, my screws are not lined up perfectly…and that’s okay because my pallet board is well supported and nobody is even going to see the back!                                       dsc02384
  6. Now for my favorite part- designing the front! I am using a design by Kolette Hall from the Silhouette store. Open up the design in your Silhouette Studio and ‘ungroup’ the design. Now, you will be working with the colored design. Again, ‘ungroup’ the colored sign so that each phrase is its own layer.Grab the top two lines and size them according to the height of your pallet board. I made each pair 3.52” tall. For me, it didn’t matter how long the words were because I had plenty of extra room length wise. Continue sizing each pair of lines until they are all the appropriate size.
  7. After you have sized all of the design, decide what color vinyl you would like to use for each line or phrase. I decided to go with a similar color scheme as the original design. Here is a breakdown of the vinyl colors I used:
  1. Grab your Silhouette mat and begin by cutting out a small strip of vinyl for each color needed for your paired design phrase. You can see below that I used three different colors of vinyl for this phrase.dsc02454
  2. Weed all of your designs and add transfer tape on top of them.dsc02457
  3. Finally, go ahead and apply the vinyl to your pallet sign.dsc02463  dsc02469  dsc02473
    I would love to see your fall crafting. Share your pictures with me!

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