Halloween Candy Corner

One of my favorite places in my house is a tiny corner buffet. I always decorate this corner to reflect the upcoming season or holiday. Up next- Halloween. And what better to decorate than with a candy bar?


For this candy bar I used the following supplies:

  • Candy Corn Banner: Just some simple cutting and gluing. I used Silhouette Design ID #92579 and some embroidery thread to attach it together.
  • Owl painting: I painted this at a wine & paint class. My favorite part- the paint splatters.
  • Sparkly black tree: Target One Spot find- only $3. Score!
  • Large glass jar: Find the jar at Bed Bath & Beyond and apply Silhouette Design ID #49525 with black vinyl. I added some Halloween pretzels shaped like bats and pumpkins. They are too cute!
  • Small/Medium glass jars: Both of these jars were picked up at Hobby Lobby. Don’t forget to add your favorite candy to the jars!
  • Spider web: This was a fun Halloween craft. Find a similar tutorial here.
  • Beaded spider: This was a gift from my little sister. She is so crafty! This tutorial shows you how to make a similar beaded spider.

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